I'm not in London, can I still donate?

Yes! We offer next day delivery of your ThriftBox to any where in the country. You can then return it for free via your closest DPD PickUp shop. There are over 2000 all over the country: find your closest here.

What items can I donate with Thrift?

Thrift is the best way to donate recognisable high street, premium & designer brands in new or 'like-new' condition. 

Do I need to take any photos?

Nope.  We do all the hard work.  Simply fill up your box and send it off to us!  

How many items can you take?

The ThriftBoxes are each 45cm x 35cm x 16cm and you can order up to two at once.  Each box typically holds 10-15 items.

When do I choose my charity?

It is one of the very first questions on our order form!

Can I choose any charity?

We are working with a select group of charities at first. These charities all have high street charity shops as it is very important to us that we continue to support the existing high street charity shops.

What if you don't accept my donation?

If any of your items are unsuitable for sale on the Thrift store we will donate them to one of our partner charities.

What if my items don't sell?

We will work really hard to sell your items for the price they deserve. If they aren't selling then we will reduce prices accordingly.  If we decide that they are still unlikely to sell then we will donate it to one of our partner charities.

When will I get my credit?

Once all the items in your ThriftBox have sold we will send you a full donation report and your Thrift credit.  You can spend this yourself, gift to a friend, or donate the funds to charity.

How much of my donation goes to charity?

50% of the final sale price goes to charity. If you are a UK taxpayer, your donation is eligible for a further 12.5% of the total sale price to be reclaimed through GiftAid. 

More questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch.