Our Fees


We are committed to being 100% transparent about our fees. If anything is unclear, please get in touch.


What are our FEES?

We charge 25% commission on the final sale price.

Our payment processor charges 1.9% + 20p per transaction.


What are our costs?

  • Sourcing & sending ThriftBoxes
  • Arranging courier collection
  • Sorting & cleaning donations
  • Photographing & uploading items
  • Processing & dispatching online orders
  • Customer service for donors, shoppers & charities
  • Building & maintaining an online marketplace
  • Marketing our services


25% Goes back to you, the donor

We reward our donors with 25% of the final sale price back as credit in the online Thrift shop.

We believe that donors deserve a little reward when donating high value items. We also hope that it will encourage donors to let go of their higher value items and allow us to compete with the alternative of selling online for profit.


We make more money for charity

Our aim is to amplify the value of people's generosity.

50% of the sale price goes to the charity you choose.

However, we can link the donor to the final sale more effectively. This means we can reclaim GiftAid on a much higher percentage of sales than in high street charity shops. This is particularly important for high value items. This means that up to 62.5% is donated to your charity.

Secondly, by selling online we are able to achieve the right price for high quality clothes. 

Higher prices, and better GiftAiding, means that Thrift is the most effective way to donate your best second-hand clothes.